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Growing up, I used to go on random bus rides with my mom during the summer holidays. We would take a bus, go to the last stop, roam around for a bit and come back home. I always felt like a wanderer, watching life unfold around me. Street photography is an extension of this wandering spirit. It is about documenting life in its most candid and honest form. There are so many magical, quirky & strange moments around you. All you need is a good pair of shoes, a camera, your eyes kept open and you can catch them!

Suresh is a street photographer based in Mumbai. Born and raised in serene Switzerland in 1980 where he spent his childhood and early adulthood, Suresh did the opposite of what normal Indian people do, he moved back to India. What was supposed to be a 1-year stint turned into a decade of living and working in Mumbai. Around 5 years ago, he discovered street photography and never looked back. An avid book collector, Suresh spends most of his free time either walking the streets or poring through his books and getting inspired by artists from around the world.

His works have been published in Creative Image magazine, Eyeshot magazine and World Street Photography book. He was among the photographers invited to contribute to the book “11 Top Street Photographers”, edited by Lynn Smith. Over the last years, Suresh has been a finalist in various street photography competitions: Miami Street Photography Festival 2017, San Francisco 2017, Italian Street Photography Festival 2018, Bangkok Street Photography Festival 2018.

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