Street / Documentary Photographer


I live in New Delhi, am an Engineer by education, a part of the top management of an American I.T Services company by profession and a learning photo-artist by passion. Having been bored to death by corporate nothingness in various parts of the world for nearly 25 years, I took to the streets with my camera around 5 years back in search of a better meaning.

For the first 4 years of my journey, I followed the trends of street photography (though I have never been an illusionist). I have never been into competitions seriously, but during this time, some of my work got exhibited in various international group exhibitions (e.g. in a few Italian cities, Moscow, Hamburg, Dubai etc.) and printed in international/ national magazines.

Artistic passion for creating a work of art and the craving for the joy when such rare occasions happen was always there in me and will be there in future too. However, I felt a growing need about a year ago that before trying to become an artist, one must first understand the time and place that one lives in and their socio-political evolution. The moments that I express in my images must come out of such deep experiences. I am therefore trying street documentaries on social themes these days – in order to be myself. Over the last year or so, I figured out through my failures how much subject matter understanding, time (which I don’t have – due to my professional commitments) and dedication such street documentaries take! Despite such limitations, going deeper to understand and express the time and place that I live in remains the only responsible direction that I can take and will therefore continue.

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