Street / Documentary Photographer


Street-photography for me is to find the human and animal spirit in and around we live and to capture them optically. I believe in shooting pictures which has a stirring moment and which nudges a viewer to think twice. I am influenced largely by my personal life experiences like discrimination, bias, hatred and my middle class upbringing. This guides the way I shoot and I see things; ironic, dark, painful, lonely, hazy and grey. Having said that, I remain an eternal seeker of beauty. I have learnt that wit and humour is the best weapon to fight in life. I wish my tombstone should read: “Before I knew, I am history”.

Zahir Abbas is a Gurgaon based Street Photographer. By profession he is a research & analytics professional. He loves to spend his free time, during work and travel, in walking the streets as well as looking closely and deeper in his own personal spaces to find meanings and connections. He loves to document his roots and family. His work has been published in magazines like The Creative Images (By Mr. Raghu Rai), World Street Photography book, APF images magazine, Dodho Magazine and many online and offline zines. He has been the finalist for the Mobile category in Street Photo San Francisco festival’ 2017.

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